ATLS try an excellent 20-items size including a couple scales, perceptions for the lesbians (ATL) and you can gay men (ATG)

This research falls under a bigger little bit of lookup into the group affairs and associated attitudes to your more social organizations. All members was tested after offering its consent written down. Participants were in hopes anonymity accomplish a couple of papers-and-pen questionnaires toward ATLG measures physically. Volunteers received extra borrowing from the bank affairs because of their movement amount. New moral standards of your own Chilean Research Percentage (CONICYT) had been then followed.

Additionally, political thinking-categorization (asking on political needs coded for the about three categories: kept, center and you can proper) and you may intimate orientation were provided

Members replied market inquiries to evaluate ATLG validity: sex, ages, socioeconomic standing (high, middle and you may low levels were utilized), and religion identity by way of self-reporting into the cure for practical question “Do you believe oneself a religious people?” Likewise, a good 4-items size measure to the an excellent six-section Likert size regarding the strengths participants give its religious facts within their everyday lifestyle was used.

It was developed in Northern America. ATLG is measured on a 6-point Likert scale. The instrument was translated and adapted (Cardenas Barrientos, 2008) (see the Appendix). The ATLG Spanish language version in this study had not been used with Chilean populations before. The Cronbach’s alpha was 0.94 for ATLG; 0.88 for ATL; and 0.91 for ATG (The ATLG and the two subscales demonstrated good internal consistence for this sample. The correlation for the two subscales is high (r (503) = 0.84; p < 0.001). ATLG overall mean was 3.52 (SD = 0.75).

Large (close to six) ratings showed higher bias, and reasonable score advertised favorable attitudes with the homosexuals

Part of the objective would be to dictate the underlying ATLG basis construction. Thus, around three grounds patterns was basically estimated: a single-foundation model (ATLG include just one homophobia cause of and this the activities saturate); a-two-basis synchronised design (a few proportions constructed because of the ATL and ATG subscales whose points is to saturate in the relevant factor try suggested) an additional purchase design that have a few synchronised points (in which ATG subscale points create saturate in 2 dimensions – homosexual Beliefs and you may Nature – and those of the ATL size carry out saturate on almost every other around three – lesbian Traditional Values, and you may Public Sanction and you may Societal Legal rights). These five proportions was basically obtained from analyses carried out in earlier in the day training (Cardenas Barrientos, 2008).

Generally, the brand new match is better when design activities is increased. For this reason, the 2-factor second order model is considered the most parsimonious for everybody spiders acquired. CFI (Relative Fix Directory) and NFI (Typical Complement Directory) spiders let you know viewpoints more 0.9, them considered very good (Bentler Dudgeon, 1996). RFI (Cousin Enhance List) really worth approaches 0.9, especially in the five-grounds model. On top of that, RMSEA (Means Mean-square Error from Approximation) list try extreme having viewpoints lower than 0.08 (Browne Kudeck, 1993), thus guaranteeing an informed match of one’s five-foundation design.

Table 3 also shows the factor saturations for each of the five sub-scales model items. All standardized saturations were significant (p < 0.001). All of the 20 items of the standardized solution loaded on the general grouping factor in the expected direction. The relation between the five latent factors is as follows (covariance): the dimension Social Rights has a high positive correlation with the factor Nature (r = 0.6); moderate positive with both Social Rights (r = 0.43) and Social Sanction (r = 0.038); and high positive with Traditional Values (r = 0.74). The dimension Nature is moderately and positively correlated with Social Rights (r = 0.32) and Social Sanction (r = 0.35), but highly and positively correlated with Traditional Values (r = 0.61). The relation of the dimension Social Rights with Social Sanction (r = 0.31) and Traditional Values (r = 0.37) is moderate high. Finally, the relation between Traditional Values and Social Sanction is moderate positive (r = 0.43).

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