Nowadays, apart from Basque, we also manage and translate other languages. There is a growing demand for the creation, reception and exchange of information in a variety of languages, and language technologies play a fundamental role in meeting this demand. Translate plus believe that communication should be made easy, no matter which channel, medium or technology is involved.

Technologies of semiotics process symbolic systems with the lexicon, syntax and semantics of symbols used in information communication. Ho2S specilizes in the delivery of solutions for opinion monitoring, sentiment analysis, document classification, CV parsing, anonymization and information extraction. One of the problems we have solved is fully automated and extremely scalable text summarization in all languages.

MediaSpeech® Cloud Service handles thousands of audio/video files every day for its SaaS customers. Sisu labs is a data science and technology firm that helps companies, marketers and brands get more out of their data by applying Natural Language Processing and semantic analysis techniques to extract valuable business intelligence. Sisu labs’ mission is to take the complexity out of text analysis by helping brands and marketers with solutions that help them find meaning in the data deluge produced by social media. Sinkronigo creates speech processing technology for the creation of read-aloud contents (either electronic books or web-based documents). Read-aloud materials are a perfect companion to learn a new language and to help people with difficulties (e.g. dyslexia patients or slow readers).

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Sunda Tool is a translation application that allows you to quickly translate text and documents between English and Finnish . You can use it, for example, to get an overview of a document or to create a rough translation. The English-to-Finnish translator recognizes about 200,000 English words and idioms and contains many special-field glossaries. ​Stilus is our product and service for spell, grammar and style checking of text in Spanish. It is oriented towards the professional market, providing the highest standard of quality. We provide services for data and text analytics, extracting actionable insights from structured or unstructured sources.

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Since the start of activity in 1981, CAE has offered training solutions which use an innovative “learning by doing” methodology, which today integrates the latest trends in technology applied to training. The SAPI5 complaint end-user version of Owen has been released in summer 2010. In future Owen will become a bilingual voice capable of speaking English as well.

In addition to carbon reduction, this electric power and control solution allows for more precise torque control, leading to enhanced system integrity and increased reliability achieved by cleaner energy. With this digital solution, not only is the safety and well-being of rig personnel enhanced to avoid any recordable incidents, the reduction of carbon emission is also achieved, aligning to the objectives of current ESG regulatory authorities. This paper will provide comprehensive details on the novelty of this technology and solution offered to the industry. Delivering accuracy of over 90% and call deflection of up to 50%, our platform is the most compelling self-service product in the world today.

The historical financial information for the interim reports has not been audited. Information regarding shares and options owned by key employees are listed in the Company’s annual report 2012 – note 12. NOMINATING COMMITTEE The Nominating Committee prepares the nominations for shareholder-elected board members. The committee consists of Karl Martin Stang , Carl Espen Wollebekk and Ib Kunøe .

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The Ementor Group and all of its subsidiaries not already called Atea changes name to Atea. The Group acquires AC Sikring A/S and business activities from Mondo A/S 2009 and Aprismo A/S in Denmark, A Communications Oy in Finland and Uni Networks AS in Norway. The Group acquires Tomato and Kongsberg Systec AS in Norway, Spintop AB and 2008 Telindus in Sweden, Netkoncept Advisors and TDC sales of mobile phone terminals in Denmark. The Ementor Group acquires total of 9 companies within the company’s strategic 2007 focus area. The acquisition of Sonex in December 2007 makes the Ementor Group the leading IT infrastructure player also in the Baltic region. Liquidity risk Liquidity risk is the risk that the Company will not be able to meet its financial obligations as they fall due.

  • Speexx is easy to use and scales to the needs of users and training managers in organisations of any size.
  • We create a resourceful and collaborative environment where new and unique ideas are encouraged that make remote identity verification more secure and convenient for the world.
  • Madsen joined Bull & Co Law Firm AS as Attorney at Law and partner in 2004, coming from the previous positions as Attorney at Law in the lawfims Wiersholm and Grette, following several years as legal adviser in the IT industry.
  • Lingenio GmbH is producer of the translation system translate and the intelligent PC dictionary translateDict™.
  • The electric tong digitalized solution, commercially available in the petroleum industry, is a key enabler for carbon emission reduction while running tubulars in/out of the wellbore.
  • This gives both a better experience to users and has a great impact on Search Engine Optimization.

The rods are hollow and contain an inner tube which sits inside the hollow outer rod barrel. The drill cuttings are removed by injection of compressed air into the hole via the hollow inner rod. The cuttings are then blown back to surface via the outer space inside the barrel where they are collected if needed, or discarded. Drilling continues with the addition of rods to the top of the drill string. Auger drilling Auger drilling is achieved by means of a helical screw which is driven into the ground with rotation; the earth is lifted up the borehole by the blade of the screw. Auger drilling is used for well drilling, fence construction, soil engineering and geochemistry reconnaissance work in exploration for mineral deposits.

But global growth opportunities are often ignored because of the complexity managing multilingual SEO campaigns. The lack of tools and processes that can be used across different geographic regions often results in loosing traffic to local competitors. The Linguali Interpreting System replaces traditional conference interpreting equipment and allows interpreters, speakers and participants to speak and be heard using only their connected Logistics software solutions mobile device. Speaker and participant apps run on smartphones and tablets running iOS and Android. We develop terminological and semantic extraction systems from corporate corpus for building specialty lexical networks, as well as editing support systems also based on corporate corpus. Our automatically generated analyses offer comprehensive information about the content of feedback and the opinions expressed by your customers.

This allows developers to build new and better services that use the information locked up in the mountains of media files that they are creating. CereProc is a Scottish company, based in Edinburgh, the home of advanced speech synthesis research, with a sales office in London. The CereProc team have extensive experience across the entire speech technology domain.

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(Karakullukçu Consulting Inc), a Turkish enterprise based in İstanbul and Eskişehir. In 2010, the first product went live on as an online, up-to-date and searchable electronic compilation of current statutes and their complete textual histories, with a collection of high court decisions. Kanunum is based on a simple search facility where users enter natural language queries or complex Boolean queries, and then further narrow down their investigation aided by an analysis of the initial results. In mid-2011 Kanunum became a for-fee service with an expanded database of legislative documents and regulatory texts.

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We specialize in large-scale, technically-advanced projects with tight deadlines and the demand for distinctive technical expertise, professional management, highly-skilled personnel and resource scalability. We coordinate and integrate the best of both worlds –advanced technology and the most qualified human resources– to meet the challenges of today’s multilingual global society. Linguaserve provides translation and cutting-edge linguistic services and multilingual solutions. We have the human, technology and communication resources to do business with any client in the world, with a full range of solutions and services tailored to small and medium companies as well as large corporations and government agencies. Our research activity places us in the leading group of global linguistic tools suppliers.

As of 2016 most of the leading law firms in İstanbul are Kanunum users and the service is also accessible from a number of university campuses, the Turkish Constitutional Court, the Turkish Parliament and several other public institutions. Kanunum is run by a staff directed by two domain experts and an academic computer scientist specializing in natural language processing technologies. Abstract For over two decades multilateral technology has extended the production life of fields in the North Sea by continuing to evolve to meet the demands of increasingly complex deepwater applications. The use of multilateral technology delivers a higher recovery factor supported by the cumulative production of the multiple laterals. The well was originally completed as a dual-lateral and has since been recompleted twice to produce reserves previously left behind.


We provide professional services to enable our customers utilizing their data assets by statistics, data- and text mining. Our products and services together supports the business processes from data collection to building complex solutions. Although it is believed that the expectations are based upon reasonable assumptions, the Issuer can give no assurance that those expectations will be achieved or that the actual results will be as set out in the presentation.

software & logistics solutions nordic ab nuf

Small augers can be mounted on the back of a utility truck, with large augers used for sinking piles for bridge foundations. We can move conventional IT solutions towards cutting edge solutions through the application of advanced maths techniques and a deep knowledge of future technological trends. VoiceWeb is committed to providing next generation interactive value-added and customer care services to its clients so that they can enhance their relationship with their customers. Efficient processes, consistent translations, and cost and process transparency, connected to your systems and the world with APIs. Thus far, TiP has developed a number of dictionaries and applications to process the Polish language.

Fonetic leads the voice analytics market with many years of experience of working in the Finance, Insurance, Energy, Telecommunications and Supply Chain Management sectors. With this information, we can know automatically what is said about a product or brand. Furthermore, we know if a mention is positive or negative, with a very small margin of error. FrameNet, a lexical database of English that is both human- and machine-readable (version 1.6). ImageNet, an image database organized according to the WordNet hierarchy . GeoNames, a free geographical database covering all countries and containing over eight million placenames .

Secondly, groundwater is ubiquitous, and increases in pressure with depth in the ground. The air inside the rod string must be pressurised enough to overcome this water pressure at the bit face. This is why depths in excess of 500 m for reverse circulation drilling are rarely achieved, because the cost is prohibitive and approaches the threshold at which diamond core drilling is more economic. All holes must maintain outer diameter; the diameter of the hole must remain wider than the diameter of the rods or the rods cannot turn in the hole and progress cannot continue.

The drilling and production of oil and gas pose a safety risk and a hazard to the environment from the ignition of the entrained gas causing dangerous fires and also from the risk of oil leakage polluting water, land and groundwater. For these reasons, redundant safety systems and highly trained personnel are required by law in all countries with significant production. A drilling rig is a structure housing equipment used to drill for water, oil, natural gas from underground reservoirs or to obtain mineral core samples. The term can refer to a land-based rig, a marine-based structure commonly called an ‘offshore rig’ or a structure that drills oil wells called an ‘oil rig’. The term correctly refers to the equipment that drills oil wells or extracts mineral samples, including the rig derrick . We are a global provider of voice biometrics solutions that enable highly secure and convenient authentication.

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Computer Aided E-learning offer the most advanced languages training solutions which uses an innovative “learning by doing” methodology, which today integrates the latest trends in technology applied to training. Ever since the invention of the Gutenberg press human knowledge has been preserved and communicated in text. Today, audio and video recording technologies enable the easy capture and storage of information. Consider the volume of phone calls and conference videos that are recorded every day. Clarify, Inc. acquire Call Trunk Ltd’s IP related to speech and language processing in 2013.

ETRONIKA as software provider is concerned about how to respond changing customer behavior, preferences and trends. ETRONIKA has always put huge attention and effort into innovations and new ideas on how to innovate its products. Clinithink is a world-leader in Clinical Natural Language Processing technology. By transforming unstructured healthcare narrative into actionable data, Clinithink expands the value of analytics for population health management, accountable care and quality improvement across the healthcare enterprise.

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The tables below illustrate how fluctuations in these two risks could affect the Group’s earnings and equity after tax. Credit risk Credit risk is the risk of financial loss that the Company would suffer if the customers failed to perform its financial obligations. The responsibility for granting credit is decentralised to each operating unit. The Group has no significant concentrations of credit risk, since the customer base is large and unrelated. Counterparties regarding derivative contracts and bank deposits are limited to financial institutions with high credit rating. If a user or application submits more than 10 requests per second, further requests from the IP address may be limited for a brief period.

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One final phenomenon limiting drilling only became apparent during deep drilling of an attempted Mohole. In cases where money is no issue, extreme depths have been achieved because there is no requirement to overcome water pressure. However, circulation must be maintained to return the drill cuttings to surface, and more importantly to maintain cooling and lubrication of the cutting surface. However, there are several basic limiting factors which will determine the depth to which a bore hole can be sunk. Although RC drilling is air-powered, water is also used, mainly to reduce dust but also when collaring a new hole.

Lingsoft enables multilingual business communication by providing its comprehensive command of linguistic processes that we call Language Management. This allows companies operating globally to cut costs significantly, not to forget private customers who may also find our solutions useful. The iFinger software offers a user friendly way to search high quality reference material produced by well known publishers. The open architecture of the iFinger software is able to facilitate multi language content from any publishing house. At present, our product range consists of over 100 respected titles with more due to be added in the near future.

With more than 20 years of expertise in language parsing, summarizing, disambiguation and machine translation, TiP delivers linguistic components to the biggest names in the IT field. Our experts have qualifications in linguistics, statistics, terminology, knowledge discovery in documents, as well as excellent technical skills related to multiplatform computing. ​Customers in the public sector, multinational corporations, as well as small and large LSPs use Tilde’s products and services to boost productivity and facilitate multilingual communication in their everyday work. Tilde has special experience in providing localization services and developing language technology for complex, highly inflected languages, particularly smaller European languages. With offices in three countries and partners across the globe, Tilde combines the talents and skills of over a hundred computational linguists, software engineers, language researchers, terminologists, and professional translators. Use of SYSTRAN products and solutions enhance multilingual communication and increase user productivity.

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